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X-Bell Pro vibration training generated by the vibration dumbbell, provide many benefits to the body, such as increased muscle strength, flexibility. Some studies proved that vibration training

can reduce muscle pain and soreness, speed up recovery of muscle damage and bone density, stimulates blood circulation and so on. This "accelerated training" technology originated in the

1960s, Soviet cosmonaut pioneered the original development aimed at solving astronaut weightlessness caused by muscle function decline and problems of bone loss in space, until 1999, the

Dutch Olympic athletes start these technology used in sports training.

In the use of which, according to the vibration frequency, thereby increasing the body reflexes performance and capacity. Vibration training every 10 minutes, using more than four times a week,

the results of such use will increase for regeneration of body tissue, improve blood circulation, strengthen the bone, lymphatic drainage, increase basal metabolic rate and incredible effect.

So the key to significant effect, is improving blood circulation and stimulate metabolic rate, making the blood flow throughout the body rate increases, increase the secretion of various

hormones and metabolism, allowing the body's natural ability to repair damage and disease.


>Within short term training, can reach the high-intensity exercise effect:

Most of the athletes are hoping to have a "fast" muscles, however, repeated weight training, it is easy to damage to the muscles. X-Bell Pro

vibration dumbbell to accelerate the training as a principle, when the muscles before starting exercise, by way of vibration to contract muscles

to increase muscle strength and flexibility (especially for the effect of the deep muscles and small muscle groups even more significant), in

addition, vibration training can avoid the impact and damage to joints and cartilage.

>During the period of exercise, warm up, endurance, relaxation:

Using the vibration stimulate muscle fibers of rapid contraction principle, prolonged use X-Bell Pro vibration dumbbell, can exercise muscle

endurance, explosive. Use before exercise, X-Bell Pro vibration dumbbell help you complete warm-up within short time before training

(stretching); when the muscle is ready for the challenge, of course ,muscle power and endurance also increased sustainability; After

exercise, through deep vibration muscle groups, relax tense muscles after exercise (relaxation and massage).

>Without dripping with sweat, easily sculpture curves of woman's body:

If you are not a professional athlete, the pursuit of "fast" muscles, improve the explosive is not suit for you. X-Bell Pro during the period of

vibration to your muscles, be able to break fat cells, increase tissue reconstruction function. You do not need to make dripping with sweat, but

can achieve the effect of exercise. For no time to exercise or do not like sweat you, to help you easily sculpture curves you want.

>Improve the body metabolism, circulation capacity:

Through X-Bell Pro , friction driven muscle tissue by vibration shock, circulating secretion and accelerate your blood circulation and promote

the flow of oxygen in the blood, reducing the accumulation of toxins in the body, stimulate the body to produce collagen, the body's

progressive smooth, and smooth the skin of course. X-Bell Pro is not just sports and fitness equipment, also a good partner to improve body


>Strengthen bone density, osteoporosis away:

Do you think that only the elderly have osteoporosis problem? Bone loss rate of 1-2% per year normally, menopausal women even up to 3-5%,

in July 2006 the United States reported more that on the next 50 years, osteoporosis will be 3 times growth, as a young man ,you should watch

out. Through vibration, can stimulate bone reconstruction minor reaction time, long term appripriate vibration training can stimulate

regeneration of bone tissue, increase your bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

>Soothe body aches, to healthy living:

During vibration caused by X-Bell Pro to massage muscle t, thus occupying the pain nerve signal transmission line, by this principle, to relieve

the people for the feeling of pain. When the pain relief, you can start in the simple exercise to get you started on your healthy life.

>Body massage relaxation, reduction of work pressure:

During use X-Bell Pro vibration massage muscle groups , the level of serotonin levels in the body will follow increases and cortisol levels

would be reduced, relax your body due to vibration massage. For sedentary office workers , work pressure every day, as long as 15 minutes,

you can relieve body aches caused due to work and annoying pressure.

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