10+ Features
  • Simple interface
    No clutter: launch the app, pick a video and start training. That's it.
  • Quality videos
    Using Kinomap’s growing database and get access to dozens of HD wide-angle, GPS-located videos shared by the community of users.
  • Training is a game
    Keep up with the pace of the videos and match yourself against other cyclists: stay motivated by following icons moving along the track.
  • Universal
    The app works on all iOS devices: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, last generation of iPod Touch.
  • Mirroring
    Using Airplay on an Apple TV or an HMDI adapter, use your TV as an external display to get the most out of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Maps
    Train on either a map, a satellite view or hybrid map. Discover points of interest along the route as you reach them.
  • Elevation
    All our routes have elevation data. From your power or calculated power, try to follow the pace of the original video: your speed is recalculated taking in to account the slope.
  • Multiplayer
    Up to 10 players can train on the same video. Invite your friends or join anyone doing a public race.
  • My videos
    Upload your own GPS videos in public mode and train on them immediately, even without a subscription.
  • Calculated power
    When using a cadence sensor on an exercise bike, or a speed sensor on a home trainer, the app estimates your actual power and calculates your speed according to formulas to transform cadence or speed to power.
  • Activities: Cycling
    Use a power metre or attach a speed sensor to your bike and select a video from our growing list of home trainers using power curves.
  • History
    Access your detailed training history: summary, records of your power, speed, heart rate.
  • Map search
    Just pick a location and search for videos nearby.
  • Sensors
    Use ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart sensors to get your cadence, power, speed, distance, heart rate data.
  • Dashboard
    The dashboard displays your speed, cadence, power, instant slope, total length reached and heart rate for both you and the person filming the original video.
  • Share
    Happy with your training? Share it by email, on Facebook, Strava, RunKeeper, Training Peaks & more (TCX file).
  • Subscription
    Test out the app for free on 5 demo videos. Subscribe in minutes with a simple account creation and in-app purchase or through our website.
  • Streaming videos
    All videos can be streamed directly from Kinomap. An internet connection is required to download the maps, coordinates, etc. however you can also download the videos to use later when in a low bandwidth environment.