Get customised gym equipment with Kinomap and iConcept!

Planning on getting a well-toned body with high level of resistance? Yet too lazy to go to a gym? Get your gym equipment at home! With the variety of options present, within this domain of machinery, x bike you can get a machine that fits all your demands!

Most importantly, these machineries are customised to suit demands of every individual, while combining the tasking schedule of fitness ritual with sources of enjoyment. In case you are still wondering what this is all about, time for you to have a glimpse of Kinomap and iConcept!

Why is gym equipment a necessity?

Times have gone when people would have a specific schedule wherein visiting a gym regularly would be a part of the agenda. In present times, it has become quite difficult to fit in this on a regular basis. This has led to increase in demand of such machinery at the home turf.

Since most of the people in present times are well aware of requirements of one’s body, hence specialised equipment is the only way out! These help in ensuring that a person can adhere to requirements of one’s body and carry on with the fitness procedure.

As the machinery of this range is chosen by professionals from all over the world, who are experts in their respective fields, hence, there can be no query regarding its fittings.

Thus, on the whole quality of workout increases manifold with this gym equipment, ensuring that, people get a chance to train with the best!

However, with a change in time, there has come to the fore customisation of such instruments.

A fine example of this is Kinomap!

Check out details associated with Kinomap:

This is an indoor training app that can be well fitted to fitness trainer available at home and used. Being a powerful training device, it provides capacity for multiple training of people.

This app has specific geo located videos that help in following strategies of a better workout.

This app provides options for downloading of various exercise videos that can be followed by individuals to ensure their customised workout schedule.

Clearly, this app with its portrait and landscape mode is the equipment of the moment!

Following this comes two other types of indoor bikes, the X bike and the spin bike that are useful in losing of weight and toning of muscles.

Advantages of using a spin bike:

Bike exercises as this provides cardiovascular and aerobic types of workouts that are extremely important for a healthy heart.

With such a spin bike, following a workout schedule is easier and more target oriented.

Clearly, this is an ideal way of ensuring that you get a fit body via a spin bike ride!

How about bringing in a change with a ride via X bike? Unlike other indoor bikes, this provides intense fitting experience and allows riders to control resistance at the pedals, without losing balance.Clearly, this is an ideal way to ensure that your body grips the best!

Glancing through iConcept:

This is a specific fitness manual that has been designed by BH Fitness group. Apart from its facilities associated with easy downloading of exercise videos, an online competition can be held regarding this weight loss technique.

Thus, be it an iPhone or an iPad, iConcept can just connect all and help you get the ideally toned body!


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X-Bell Pro: Massage and Fitness, both in one.

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X-Bell vibrates dumbbells, which vibrates more than 1300 times per minute.

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Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique that is used by athletes and physical therapists to inhibit overactive muscles.

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Keep training indoor

Turn your bike and home trainer into a powerful and fun fitness equipment. Just choose among the geolocated videos of Kinomap and train! Watch your icon moving on the map and on the elevation line : your goal is to follow the rhythm of the original video.

Train at home, Traveling around the World
This App runs over Google Maps, and allows user to see the world while he trains. User can choose among Map, Street or Satellite View. Ideal for those who want to travel around while they train, pre -pare for races which will take place in the following months far away from the place they live, or just perform personal challenges and check if they can ascent Tourmalet, finnish New York Marathon, etc.
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